Sunday, 5 April 2015

Weronika, Mayor of Rainbow

Hi! ~^u^~
You might remember me from my Wild World Blog; AC:WW Rainbow. I got New Leaf on March 21st, and the town was there I remember being so excited, too excited to actually savour the moment (haha). Then as I found a layout (in all honesty I found the maps confusing and just chose a layout that at first glance looked good) and answered the first question- I realised in horror I forgot to look up a face guide to get the face I want O-o
So I resetted- then I for some reason I just went with the town I got, I picked it for the pretty long, winding river and all buildings being in the same location ( up North). Prior to getting NL,I searched for good town layouts, and thought a 'private beach' seemed cool, but in all the excitement forgot to check for one, haha :p Oh well XD

Despite the bit of disappointment when I saw the green train station, I kept the town- until I just couldn't bear my town's layout- I found someone to hold my stuff, then finally deleted the town and started resetting. I reset for about 5 hours total, but it's worth it. It took me about a minute or two to look through 4 town layouts. Say each reset took two minutes (some were faster, some were slower)- and that it took me exactly 5 hours total. That's 300 minutes (man...), so 300/2=150 resets. 150*4 (for the 4 town maps I'm shown) = I saw around 600 town maps 0-0

So, on the 3rd of April I seriously considered resetting my town. I first asked for the opinions of others on ACC, who told me to just go for it, find a holding town, and do it sooner than later. I took their advice. I put my trusted friend (who also gave me my first ever DLCs on my first day) in charge of holding my rare items (I sent her a list so I could check it later to ensure everything's there). I then found someone else (checked their Wi-Fi ratings first) to hold all my orderables (mostly DLCs).

And so I started resetting, and today I finally found my perfect town!
So, take my advice; if there's something you don't like about your town and it's really bugging you, go for it and reset! Do it now, as it will be harder to catch up if you do it a few months in ^^ The people on Animal Crossing Community are very trustworthy, so you can trust them to hold your items.

I was about to give up hope when Rover showed me a layout I quite liked- small river, fairly large private beach, Re-Tail near dock, South-facing waterfall- everything I wanted. So, I went for it- but I anticipated something else being messed up- be it the grass, fruit, or Train Station and Town Hall roof colour. As I rode into town, I caught a glimpse of the circle grass. 'So far so good' I thought. I then saw the blue train station. I was happy, but at the same time: I thought the Town Hall roof would be...well...not what I wanted. I continued with the game, and on my way to the Town Hall I saw the Native Fruit: pears. I thought to myself 'if everything's perfect, the native fruit doesn't matter to me'. I actually gasped when I saw the blue Town Hall.Finally! This is quite similar to my WW town- I wanted apples or cherries as my native fruit, but I got pears, but everything was perfect!

I don't mind pears, in all honesty. They're cool xD

Anyway- here's how my first day in town went!
(I took pictures from my 3DS and photographed them from my laptop, sorry)

Previous Rainbow's Layout
I mainly didn't like it because...

  • The river's okay, but just a little too long. I love how it's winding, however!
  • Triangle grass was okay but I much prefer circle grass, it's fun! (If triangle grass turned into star snow I would have been more ok with triangle)
  • Eastern Waterfall
  • Re-tail too far from dock
  • Ponds getting in the way in the South
  • No private beach
  • Green station, Brown town hall
  • This is a matter of opinion!

A pretty good one
I was quite close to getting this one, it was on my first reset (current Rainbow's better, though)
but the grass was triangle & the town hall was not the colour I wanted.

Current Rainbow!

Warm Welcome

Oh stop it, you xD

Taken at the wrong time x3

Tom Nook's Tent

Not much to be proud of, Nook O-o

Tree ceremony

Such a magical moment! DX

Yes, yes, I will :D

 Okay, thank you, Porter...
Wait, did... Kapp'n... brainwash you, by any chance?
Oh, my nose is funny? Look at your mouth in the mirror >:c

I'm too tired to post more pictures, so see you tomorrow!
Today I...

  • Sorted my Down Payment
  • Bought out Able Sisters & Nookling Junction
  • Got a tissue box & piggy bank
  • Collected my stuff from Holding Towns
  • Fell in my first pitfall
  • Got 2 pics of Zipper (will do a giveaway soon including those!)
  • Donated over 10 items to the Museum
  • Got a Watering Can
  • Got Peaches from Isabelle
  • Wi-Fied for the first time in Rainbow

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Welcome to Rainbow!

Hi! ~(●⋃●)~

Alright, let me be honest with you. Rainbow was made on 21st March 2015, which is 13 days ago. I'm sorry, I promise! :o
I wanted to create this blog as soon as Rainbow was created- but I didn't :c
However- it's only been 12 days and I pretty much remember what happened ^⋄^

I got my White New 3DS with half of my savings over a year or two. Until then, I didn't spend a single penny- but since the 3DS was something I REALLY wanted, I decided to go ahead and buy it! So, I found them in stock in Argos (previously reading a bunch of reviews, because that's what I'm like :p).

I wanted it for about 2 weeks before I actually got it. Before, I only played Wild World.
I found out about Wild World when I was bored and just reading reviews of The Sims 3 DS (a game I already had) and lots of people mentioned Animal Crossing. Being a fan of Life-Sim games, I looked it up- and fell in love! :o I was in Poland at the time and didn't get the game until September 2014.  There was an existing town, but I just deleted it. I made a town called Lavender, but wasn't really happy with it. I gave up on WW for a while because I REALLY wanted Shampoodle and Katie- but didn't know anyone with WW! I made countless towns called Lavender, then later Rainbow. I time travelled, until my sister got the game, too! I had a town and was sure that it was perfect- until I thought that I really wanted an island, and a blue gate, and so on...

The town I have now was made on 22 December 2014.After a few resets, everything was perfect! The circle grass, the mini island, the blue gate, the pond near my house, my house location, the buildings all being in the same spot... I kind of left it, but still check on it daily since I got NL. But I was obsessed with WW! I remember celebrating my own holidays, checking on my town each morning, and the day that the snow melted when I woke up for school, and checked on WW first thing in the morning. I remember the 1st of March- the joy I felt when I saw the first butterflies, and the worry when I didn't have any dandelions- then the happinness when I saw my first ever dandelion xD
WW was my introduction to the series. I remember that on the last day of my Christmas holidays, I couldn't go to sleep- so I did some research into NL. I  really wanted it, but the exclusive items, DLCs and whatnot kind of threw me off. I got everything I want now, so it doesn't really bother me.

Anyway- yeah. Rainbow was made on 21 March, and I chose the layout because of the winding river and the buildings all being in a similar location. I've got a green train station and brown town hall roof. I'm not that happy with my layout, but it's okay, I guess- I've got too much to give up, I guess.
I'll start posting soon, see you later! ^^